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Local love!

I am part of a local sorority (chi kappa rho) that has been established on the University if New Haven campus for 50 years now. I absolutely LOVE that I found this blog, because it’s so hard to find other people who can relate. Keep up the good work!

Why thank you!!! 


Chi Theta Phi Oregon State University

Chi Theta Phi 

Founded: 2013

Location: Oregon State University


Members of Chi Theta Phi demonstrate a focus on the School of Design and Human Environment at Oregon State University. We strive to build trusting and long-lasting friendships with fellow SDHE women (Interior Design, Housing Studies, Apparel Design, Merchandising Management, and Graphic Design), benefit our community, and participate in creative activities that will further our understanding in our chosen career paths. 

Motto: "There will always be an art to flying"

Flower: Morning Glory

Jewel: Blue Topaz

Colors: Aquamarine blue and tangerine orange

Mascot: Hummingbird

Other symbols: The circle and the lemniscate

Step One!


The very first things I did were: pick a name, select colors, symbols, a motto, a mascot, values, a mission statement, anything to set your organization apart from the rest. If you chose to draft rituals such as pinning and initiation your name, symbols, and values will be the basis for ALL of…

Should You Start A Local?


**I’ve noticed a serious lack of resources for members of local sororities, and while mine is still a work in progress itself, I plan on dedicating a good portion of this blog to local Greek Life. Obviously, I have the utmost respect for the NPC and believe they provide a great model that local…

fictionalnotfantasy asked: I am currently looking into starting a new local at my university, (with a possibility of it being a coed seeing as there is only one on campus). I was wondering if anyone had any advice at all that they could throw my way in finding people to help in this journey if they've been through it themselves or just have anything useful to tell me. Thanks!

Our best advice is to work with your school administration (whichever office or administrator works with Greek Life or student organizations)! They may know of people who are also interested or can offer advice and guidance. Then, have an interest meeting! Invite all interested students to come and learn about what you are trying to do. Send out an email to the entire campus so that maybe some people you don’t know will attend (and maybe they will end up being your future brothers/sisters)! Having a group of people (fellow founders!) who are also interested in your local organization will help in future recruiting and the running of the local once it is established!

If any of our followers have been through this journey (or are currently going through it) please send us or fictionalnotfantasy your advice or tell us about your experience!