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So we just had our Bid Night here at Oregon State University for Chi Theta Phi and it was amazing :) I had such a blast and can’t wait to get to know these fabulous ladies even more! Chi Theta Phi Design Till we Die. There will always be an art to flying <*) . 

Xi Omicron Iota

Founded: February 2, 2002

Location: Missouri State University

Mascot: Bulldog

Symbol: Koi Fish

Flowers: Daisy

Colors: Pink & Yellow

Motto: “The memories of our lives, our works, and our deeds will continue in others.” -Rosa Parks





Chi Theta Phi recruitment at Oregon State University :)

If you’re a Design and Human Environment major or minor at Oregon State University and are looking for a sorority with girls who are similarly creative then check out Chi Theta Phi :) We’re a super fun social sorority that is unhoused but has regular chapter meetings, sister bonding activities, and functions. We are recruiting this week Monday and Wednesday out in the quad so come check us out

Chi Theta Phi Beach Retreat


I just went on a beach retreat with my local sorority Chi Theta Phi and despite the rain it was a great trip. We hiked, we went to the beach, had some great seafood, watched movies, played some retro games in the house and even made some s’mores in the oven. :)

Check us out at: http://chithetaphi.wix.com/oregonstate and our booths in the quad at Oregon State University ~  if you’re interested in joining a great group of girls with a focus on design! We’re recruiting this week Monday and Wednesday :) 


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